Axes releases kiosk integration and reporting app

Updated:2024-03-25 14:17    Views:85

Every manufacturer of a kiosk can integrate with the Axes finance platform using the kiosk integration kit. The kiosk connects to all the cash-in, cash-out, balance transfer and other options that any TiTo or Smart Card Cashless environment would require, and is recognised in the Axes Cloud as a fintech device.

Kiosks can now be tracked and monitored separately and Axes has designed a specialised reporting module to ensure that they are included in all network-wide monitoring like another financial device.

Earle G. Hall, President & CEO of, said: "As our clients integrate kiosks from manufacturers all over the World, it is our duty to support them to ensure that their cashless strategy is optimal and profitable.

"We are on the cusp of automation in the land-based gaming segment,Play Casino Online and kiosks are an important step that is accelerating. We are proud to support our clients with this new addition to our applications' platform to ensure they can integrate kiosks into their strategy easily and rapidly."

Roman Czubak, a former employee of Novomatic, joined as a new C-level hire in October 2022 to manage product development.

Czubak said: “The app store-centric philosophy at Axes is quite refreshing as operators only pay for what they need and use instead of spending outrageous amounts of money on a monolithic system.”

Back in April, Axes named four other C-level hires, aiming to "accelerate" its mission "to make our industry safer."